Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

India, January 2024: India’s No. 1 Gold Platform, run by Augmont Gold For All, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit as a reverent tribute to the monumental Shree Ram Mandir. This exclusive kit includes a beautifully crafted Chopai, a finely detailed miniature representation of the Ram Mandir, and the sacred foundation Ram Mandir Mitti from the holy land. Potential buyers will be availing the kit on Augmont Gold For All’s website and mobile app with the convenience of doorstep delivery.

The centerpiece of this distinguished collection is the coin, exquisitely minted by Augmont Gold For All. The Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit, available in 7 grams of pure Gold, has an MRP of 55,000 INR. However, as a special offer, it will be available at an exclusive price of 52,751 INR in addition to Rs. 2000 in free digital Gold. The Shree Ram Mandir Coin will also be offered in silver denominations of 10 gm, 20gm, 50gm, and 100gm and in an exquisite metal variant for those who prefer silver. The Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit is a historical landmark symbolizing Augmont’s objective of making gold ownership accessible and affordable to everybody.

Gold has always been a symbol of prosperity in the nation and is often donned in important family celebrations like weddings and festivals. The gold coin kit on offer highlights the significance of the Shree Ram Mandir, and the impeccable craftsmanship of the Gold coin collection represents knowledge, wealth, success, and fortune.

sachin kothari

Mr Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont Gold For All, said, “While the whole nation is all set to witness the much-awaited inauguration of Ram Mandir, Augmont Gold For All is all set to launch its special Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit. Through our acclaimed Gold Kit, we hope to bestow the divine blessings of Shree Ram on every individual in India. Our minted kits have a beloved miniature idol of Shree Ram delicately carved on one side of our pure gold coin and the iconic Ram Mandir on the other, it also has the sacred foundation Ram Mandir Mitti from the holy land, The coin minted by Augmont has distinguishing characteristics, including 24 karat 999 fineness purity, positive tolerance in weight and purity, tamper-proof packaging, and the convenience of doorstep delivery. Our coin has an exquisite, simple, premium, yet truly Indian design, making it a fantastic souvenir for our loved ones. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of history. Book your Shree Ram Mandir Coin Kit now, pay easily, and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery.

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