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Apr 03, 2024 India: Arni University (AU), at the forefront of championing social causes, recently orchestrated a two-day bike rally with a dual mission: spreading awareness on “Say NO to Drugs” and advocating for women empowerment. Led by Mr. Vivek Singh, Chancellor of Arni University, the rally witnessed active participation from a diverse group of individuals, including 100 bike riders, of which 30 were women. A large number of students and faculty were from J&K.


Vivek Singh Chancellor Arni University Flag Off Bike Rally

Along with Kashmiri faculty Mehr Un Nisa, Dr. Neha Salaria, Ms. Monica Thakur, Dr. Gurvinder Singh, along with faculty member Mr. Mayank Sharma, and students Kunal, Sheeran, Gulshan, and Tauseef, played pivotal roles in organizing and executing the rally, ensuring its resounding success.

The rally, with its strong emphasis on drug prevention and women empowerment, served as a platform to galvanize community support and drive home important societal messages. The active involvement of women riders, comprising nearly one-third of the total participants, underscored AU’s commitment to gender equality and inclusivity.

Commencing from Chandigarh, the rally embarked on a symbolic journey, culminating at Khatkar Kalan, a village renowned for its memorial honoring Bhagat Singh, a revered figure in India’s freedom struggle. Mr. Vivek Singh, leading the rally, emphasized the importance of societal values and collective action in combating substance abuse. He remarked, “The bike rally serves as a powerful reminder of the values we cherish as a society. It’s heartening to see the community come together to promote positive messages and honor the heroes of our nation.”

The rally continued its course to the Arni University campus, where an enthusiastic reception awaited the bikers, highlighting the unity and support from students towards the cause. The subsequent day saw the rally traversing through Pathankot-Nurpur-Dharamshala, attracting significant attention and participation at each stop.

At Dharamshala, the rally reached its zenith, with nearly 1000 people gathering to welcome the riders. Among the distinguished speakers addressing the crowd was Dr. Kshama Metre, popularly known as Doctor Didi, and a recipient of the esteemed Padma Shri award. Flagging of the rally, Dr. Metre underscored the importance of redirecting energies towards constructive endeavors, stating, “Addiction, when directed towards sports, education, or nation-building activities, holds the key to individual and societal progress.”

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