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11th December, 2023 – Zurich, Switzerland; Leading in-car gaming platform AirConsole (owned by N-Dream) has secured strategic investment from KPIT Technologies, an independent software integration partner to the automotive and mobility ecosystem to increase AirConsole’s lead in in-car gaming.

The AirConsole in-car gaming solution was launched in new BMW vehicles earlier this year. With KPITs extensive experience in software development, integration and validation in Cockpit, Cloud and Connectivity domains, they are the ideal integration partner for N-Dream to scale the rollout of AirConsole to more models and brands. The innovative collaboration can be experienced at CES 2024, where KPIT will present their Cockpit of the Future together with AirConsole.

Anthony Cliquot, CEO of N-Dream. “It’s been a transformational year at AirConsole and in the industry. We have scaled our BMW partnership and have extended that to the MINI brand. Not only this, but we struck a partnership with Sony’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and will be launching the game in 2024. Now, working KPIT will take AirConsole to the next level. This investment will enable us to provide even more impressive games in the near future, increase our footprint in the automotive industry and overall establish ourselves as the ideal gaming solution for car makers and passengers. We look forward to CES 2024 where the world will get to see AirConsole in action.”

KPIT’s equity investment in N-Dream will allow the company to grow their team, as well as enabling AirConsole to build out its game portfolio with well known gaming brands, creating more immersive experiences designed for the car.

“Casual gaming is a fast-growing use case in a modern cabin. AirConsole is one of the industry’s early movers in the In-vehicle game aggregation space. KPIT is excited to strategically complement its software development and integration capabilities with AirConsole to realise new experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. Together, we will help OEM clients create monetizable Digital Services for existing vehicles and new launches”, said Mr. Pushpahas Joshi, EVP and member of the Executive Board at KPIT Technologies.

The AirConsole in-car gaming solution allows passengers to play a diverse library of casual video games on the car’s entertainment system. AirConsole transforms the whole vehicle into a gaming console by using its surround sound system, big displays and interior lighting with smartphones as controllers. This unique experience is specifically designed for cars and catered to a broad audience from occasional players to hardcore gamers.

“We are thrilled to have such a strong partner from the automotive industry. With autonomous driving, the way we commute will change forever. Together with KPIT we will spearhead in-car gaming, in a world where passengers will be able to spend much more time on entertainment.” says Andrin von Rechenberg, founder of N-Dream.

AirConsole’s latest gaming software technology is able to run the games directly inside the vehicle and the service does not rely on streaming the games from the cloud, which would require more mobile bandwidth than is available in many cases. AirConsole is using smartphones to control the games, with each game having its own unique game controller design on the phone. Compared to controlling games with touch input on a flat head unit display, AirConsole is far more ergonomic, feels more natural and allows any passenger inside the car to participate in a multiplayer experience.

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