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New Delhi, India – November 02, 2023 – Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, one of the fastest-growing network of NABL-accredited pathology laboratories, is excited to announce a strategic alliance with VPL diagnostic, a prominent provider of specialty allergy testing services located in Ahmedabad. This strategic alliance further solidifies Sterling Accuris’ strong presence in the diagnostics industry.

VPL diagnostic is a specialized ImmunoCAP & ELISA allergy testing laboratory. With 10+ years of experience in the field of allergy testing, it leverages cutting-edge technology in testing facilities to provide all kinds of allergy tests such as food, drugs, and inhalants. VPL diagnostic also offers a comprehensive pathology test menu. It is consistently expanding and upgrading its capabilities to maintain a competitive edge in the field of allergy testing.

Mr. Rajiv Sharma, MD of Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, expressed that “Sterling Accuris has a comprehensive range of test menu, from basic haematology to high end genetics. VPL diagnostic is a highly specialized lab in the field of allergy testing and has more than 500 clients Pan India. This alliance will help us leverage this network of clients to also provide high-end testing services other than allergy testing to them.”

Mr. Ankush Gupta, CEO of Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, said, “As per Data Bridge Model Research, the Indian Allergy market is expected to undergo a CAGR of 10.9% during the forecast period of 2022-2029. Through this strategic alliance with VPL diagnostic, both companies aim to leverage mutual synergies for strong growth.”

Mr. Unmil Shah, MD of VPL Diagnostic, stated, “VPL Pathology Lab is renowned for our expertise in allergy testing, and our collaboration with Sterling Accuris opens exciting new horizons for us. Sterling Accuris’ extensive network of labs and patient service centers will make our presence across the states, firmly establishing our leadership in the allergy testing domain.”

Mrs. Nirvi Shah, Head Business Operations of VPL Diagnostic stated, “Alliance with Sterling Accuris will help us consolidate our presence in direct to customer segment. Collectively both the companies will work towards introducing specific Microarray based allergy testing and food intolerance making VPL diagnostic one stop solution for allergy testing.”

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