Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Rotary Bangalore Midtown achieved a significant milestone in its commitment to community service on February 20, 2024, as it proudly launched its Cancer Screening Project RACE (Rotary’s Answer to Cancer Enigma) during the official visit of the District Governor Rtn Udaykumar K Bhaskara. The esteemed District Governor, accompanied by other Officials of District 3191, graced the occasion with his presence and launched the project that aims to make a profound impact on public health.


 In the relentless pursuit of improving healthcare and advancing early detection methods, Rotary Bangalore Midtown has joined hands with Karkinos Health Care to do the cancer screening project RACE. With an unwavering commitment to saving lives through timely diagnosis, Karkinos Health Care has developed a comprehensive cancer screening program that employs state-of-the-art technologies and a multidisciplinary approach.

Each patient’s case is thoroughly evaluated from various perspectives, leading to more accurate diagnoses by highly skilled and experienced oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other specialists.

Early detection often involves monitoring specific biomarkers associated with various cancers. In the project RACE, the patients will undergo cutting-edge blood tests that analyze these biomarkers, providing a non-invasive method for identifying potential cancerous conditions before symptoms manifest.

Specialized screening programs for women, including mammography, Pap smears, and HPV testing will be offered. These screenings aim to detect breast and cervical cancers in their early stages, enhancing the chances of successful treatment.

The patients will receive their screening results in a timely manner, facilitating swift decision-making and intervention when necessary.

Rotary Bangalore Midtown’s commitment to comprehensive cancer screening reflects its dedication to early detection and improved patient outcomes. By joining hands with Karkinos Healthcare, Rotary Bangalore Midtown is eager to make significant strides in the battle against cancer, offering hope and a lifeline to those at risk.

 The Cancer Screening Project is a testament to Rotary Bangalore Midtown’s unwavering dedication to promoting health and well-being within the local community.

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