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New Delhi, 21st November 2023: In a recent milestone, Surbhi Gupta and Sameer Agarwal of PlusPlus Lifesciences were granted a patent from the Patent Office of the Government of India for their three-stage Multi-Micronutrient (MMN) supplement called ‘Trimacare’. This patent has allowed for a nationwide launch and distribution of the product.

Trimacare is a supplement based on the MMN model of medication. This model combines traditional nutrients such as Iron, Folic Acid, and Calcium with other essential vitamins and minerals like Iodine, Zinc, Omega-3, fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, and D, among others, that are necessary for the health of pregnant women throughout all trimesters and the child’s prenatal and long-term health.

The MMN model of medication helps promote maternal health, improve birth weight, and reduce the risk of preterm birth by providing essential nutrients to the body. MMN supplements are also effective in improving childhood survival, growth, body composition, blood pressure, and respiratory and cognitive outcomes. Moreover, they are more effective against medical anaemia compared to traditional prescriptions.

Multi-micronutrients are the building blocks of life and an essential element for pregnant women. One in 2 pregnant women in India have micronutrient deficiencies. While their diet is rich in carbohydrates, it lacks the essential elements needed for a mother’s and baby’s health and sustenance.

Trimacare is India’s most sophisticated pregnancy supplement. It is a comprehensive solution as it includes 20+ critical micronutrients such as L-Methylfolate, Iro56n, Zinc, Omega-3 and other vitamins and nutrients required for pregnancy. Furthermore, the Omega 3 source is plant-based, making Trimacare suitable for vegetarian and vegan patients.

Trimacare is a 3-stage course designed to provide optimal care for pregnant women and their babies. T1 is prescribed for the first trimester, T2 for the second, and T3 for the third trimester. Each unique formulation is tailored to meet the needs of the mother and the child during that particular trimester. Trimacare is specifically designed to promote brain and organ development in babies while reducing maternal symptoms. It is an easy-to-consume, one-stop solution that provides an effective remedy for expecting mothers. It is particularly helpful for the 40% of women who often find it challenging to comply with therapy during pregnancy due to the typical requirement of taking 7-8 different medications.

Trimacare has introduced several innovations to improve the experience of women taking supplements. For instance, the timely release of iron reduces gastrointestinal side effects, such as bloating and constipation. Additionally, L-methylate is better absorbed by Indian women than Folic Acid, making it an important nutrient for the baby’s natural tube development. Trimacare is formulated with the needs of women and children in mind, using advanced salts that are vegetarian and of the highest quality standard and efficacy.

Speaking about the grant of the patent, Dr. Raj Kamal Agarwal, President, of PlusPlus Lifesciences, said, “We are glad to have been granted the patent for Trimacare, a transformative formulation in the field of medicine. It is based on the Multi-Micronutrient model of medication and includes more than 20 nutrients and a unique formulation for each trimester. It is prepared with plant-based sources to cater to evolving lifestyles and eating habits. We look forward to launching Trimacare and making it available nationwide and accessible to every expectant mother, ensuring they achieve optimal prenatal health.”

Experts agree that healthy and balanced maternal nutrition is the key to a healthier pregnancy and better in terms of foetal development and maternal health.

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