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OMRON and Manav Rachna

Faridabad, Haryana December 18, 2023: OMRON Healthcare India, a subsidiary of OMRON Healthcare Corporation Japan and a leading provider of home health monitoring devices, hosted a Health Care Camp at Manav Rachna International School, Faridabad as a part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about respiratory disease management amongst children.

This initiative themed around “Early Detection & Early Treatment” aligns with OMRON’s vision of “Going for Zero” dedicated to empowering people with the right technology and devices to decrease the occurrence of respiratory issues.

Targeted at students (class 1 to 3) and their parents, the event witnessed enthusiastic participation via informative discussions led by respiratory disease experts. Dr. Manav Manchanda, Director and Head of Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Asian Hospital, Faridabad, and Dr. Manisha Mendiratta, Associate Director & Head of Pulmonology, Sarvodaya Healthcare, engaged with the parents and students in interactive discussions to help them understand the importance of asthma management and prevention. They also touched upon the utility of Nebulisers dispelling myths around their usage. OMRON Healthcare India professionals also indulged in giving hands-on demonstrations.

While speaking about OMRON’s thought process behind this activity, Mr. Tetsuya Yamada, Managing Director, OMRON Healthcare India said, “Due to severe air pollution and other factors, almost 100 million people are suffering from respiratory diseases. Particularly concerning is the trend in Asthma-related deaths, which has been increasing only in India. In 1990, the number of deaths from Asthma was around 150,000, but now it has surpassed 200,000 and continues to rise*. A closer examination of this data reveals that most Asthma-related deaths occur in adulthood. This indicates that Asthma patients are not being diagnosed or adequately treated during childhood, leading to the persistence of the disease into adulthood. Hence, it is extremely important to spread awareness amongst parents and their children.”

He believes that with information on early asthma detection, one can ensure timely preventive care and intervention. “With our high-quality devices like nebulizers and wheeze scanners, delivering precision, accuracy, and convenience, OMRON aims to empower families to create a world where their kids can breathe easy, learn, and thrive. Together, with schools, we can realize this vision. Post this session, we aim to collaborate with more schools in Haryana and NCR”, he added.

Ms. Mamta Wadhwa – Director Principal, MRIS Sector 14 Faridabad, shared her thoughts quoting, “The alarming pollution levels in NCR are a cause for concern, and as a school, we recognize the urgency of monitoring our children’s well-being regularly. Our commitment to their safety is unwavering, and we are implementing stringent measures to address this pressing issue. Regular health check-ups, awareness programs, and a heightened focus on environmental education will be integral parts of our strategy. As partners in the educational journey of your children, we understand the need for us all to be equipped to handle any exigencies that may arise.”

A noteworthy highlight of the event was the opportunity for parents and students to experience OMRON’s array of home health monitoring products firsthand. This gave them an opportunity to explore and comprehend how these innovative solutions can contribute to improved health management within the comfort of their homes.

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