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Sterling Cardiology Summit 2023

Ahmedabad, India, December 18, 2023 – Speaking to the doctors at the inaugural Sterling Cardiology Summit 2023, hosted by Sterling Hospitals, Shri Rushikeshbhai Patel, Hon’ble Health Minister, Government of Gujarat emphasised that collaboration & knowledge-sharing between doctors and government are pivotal in shaping futuristic policies, making Indian healthcare sector at par with most developed countries. Shri Patel was the Chief Guest at the summit.

“The State Government is working towards encouraging medical tourism, with the help of public and private players, to offer best-in-class medical services at 30% – 40% lesser cost for people travelling to Gujarat for treatments. The Bulk Drug Park in Bharuch and Medical Device Park in Rajkot are few of the initiatives taken by the Government to support this vision,” he elaborated.

Gujarat has seen a sharp rise in the number of cardiac cases with over 1,000 deaths from heart attacks in the state in the last six months. Interestingly, 80% of the deceased were from the 11-25 years age group. Recent data shared by the government showed that 108 ambulance service receives 173 cardiac emergency calls every day in the state.

In this context, Sterling Cardiology Summit comes at the right time as the summit tries to highlight how advanced technology can be utilised more efficiently and effectively to detect and treat cardiac patients. Organising Chairman of the summit, Dr. Rasesh A Pothiwala, speaking at the event, showcased the new device – Impella – which is a perfect example of best-in-class technology designed to support the weak hearted and has enhanced the treatment of cardiac patients.

Data shows that Impella has been highly effective in treating extremely worst condition patients. It acts as an artificial heart and makes cardiac output much higher than any other routine device that are available currently. Impella has been found to reduce complications arising out of cardiac ailments thereby reducing the mortality rate.

Dr. Rasesh A Pothiwala, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist & Director – Department of Cardiac Sciences, Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad, said, “Impella signifies an incredible advancement in interventional cardiology, delivering enhanced support and efficacy for critical cardiac procedures. We believe that the device has great potential in providing effective treatment to patients and our team is working round the clock to make it more affordable, compact, and further augment its cardiac output.”

“Sterling Cardiology Summit 2023 provides an invaluable opportunity to explore the immediate impact of path-breaking technologies on elevating patient care standards. Together, let’s push the limitations, investigate new therapies, and confront obstacles with determination, as a symbol of our dedication to heart health.” Dr. Pothiwala added.

The inaugural Sterling Cardiology Summit 2023, organised by Sterling Hospitals, is a groundbreaking two-day event being held at ‘The Leela’ in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, between December 16 and 17, 2023. The Summit marks a crucial moment for the healthcare community, as it brings together leading minds in cardiology to explore the latest tech advancements that will redefine the standards of cardiac care going ahead. The summit is being attended by over 1000 leading doctors, establishing its significance in uniting top medical professionals.

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