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Mumbai, 29th Nov 2023: The admission process for the Academic Year 2024-2025 is on at the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, across its 36 schools in 13 cities.

VIBGYOR group of schools is a leading brand in India providing 21st-century academic curriculum to its students along with Sports, performing arts, and holistic development. VIBGYOR aims to shape the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and global citizens.

VIBGYOR group, which is completing 2 decades in quality educational leadership in the year 2024, has restructured its fee structure from play school to Grade 12, to provide the maximum benefits to the parents and students. This reflects the school’s dedication to fostering an environment that encourages both academic excellence and holistic development.

“We at VIBGYOR are not just teaching students, we’re preparing them for a globalised world. Our curriculum is designed to nurture both the mind and the heart, ensuring our students are not just academically excellent but also future-ready. As we open the doors to a new academic year, we welcome the opportunity to inspire their dreams and empower them. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic development remains steadfast. We look forward to nurturing a community of passionate learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and success.” – Mrs. Kavita Kerawalla, Vice Chairperson, VIBGYOR Group of Schools.

Key highlights of the VIBGYOR experience include:
● Integrated Academic Curriculum taught by World-class faculty.
● Technology Integration
● Sports and Performing Arts as an integral part of the curriculum.
● Post School Activities
● Embark School Clubs
● ACE Programme: A 2-year integrated & customized programme for students pursuing Science in Grades 11 & 12 with Lead Mentor at ARIV Education Mahesh Shetty.
● VIBGYOR MUN: A conference that brings together young leaders from various educational institutions to engage in an impactful diplomatic simulation.
● Climate Academy: Asia’s first school to get an opportunity to collaborate with a Belgium-based Organisation the Climate Academy.
● VIVA: Inter-school cultural festival that brings together a rich array of activities, spanning games, sports, musical renditions, captivating dances and enchanting performances.
● EUMIND: An exchange programme for VIBGYOR High Goregaon West and Malad East partnered with CSW Van de Perre School, Middelburg in the Netherlands.

As the Indian educational landscape rapidly evolves in this age of globalisation, VIBGYOR remains committed to equipping its students with the tools, knowledge and resilience they need to succeed and thrive, both locally and globally.

Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children at VIBGYOR Group of Schools are encouraged to reach out via the school’s official website or contact the admissions office directly. The team at VIBGYOR is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and transparent admissions process, guiding parents every step of the way.

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