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Mumbai 12th October 2023: – In an age where digital distractions are the norm and stress is part and parcel of life, The Masters presents a groundbreaking edtech platform designed to help individuals of all ages turn their hobbies into valuable life skills. Boasting a diverse lineup of masterclasses, the platform collaborates with celebrated artists and professionals in the industry, from Playback Singing expert Manjeera Ganguly to Kathak virtuoso Aditi Bhagwat and even Ricardo Walker, the world’s sole Michael Jackson impersonator.

“As we see it, the pursuit of a hobby isn’t just about killing time but about enriching one’s life,” says Mr. Vijay Dalwani, Founder of The Masters. “Our platform is built on this ethos. We’re more than just an educational technology company; we’re your partners in a lifelong journey of self-discovery and improvement.”

Far from being a mere distraction, engaging in a hobby can be a transformative experience. Whether it’s lifting the mood with a tune, unlocking creativity through dance, or achieving mindfulness with painting, The Masters believes that these activities do far more than entertain; they enhance cognitive function, build problem-solving skills, and even contribute to molding future leaders.

To ensure an all-around learning experience, The Masters goes several steps further than conventional edtech platforms. In addition to masterclasses, the platform offers live coaching sessions, opens doors to performance opportunities, and even features a comprehensive talent hunt and audition system. What’s more, it offers free access to schools and organizations to augment their educational and engagement activities.

Explore the endless possibilities that come with learning from the masters of the art. The Masters isn’t just a platform; it’s your gateway to unleashing creativity, nurturing growth, and discovering yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fuel your passion and showcase your talents. Visit to commence your journey into a more skillful and fulfilling life.

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