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Renita Norton Graves’s New Book The Guardians

New York, NY, January 17, 2024 –Fulton Books author Renita Norton Graves, who currently lives on Mt. Etna and has been enamored by mythology and folklore from an early age, has completed her most recent book, “The Guardians”: a captivating fantasy adventure that follows a young girl who, with the help of a troublesome fairy, sets off to find her kidnapped mother and sisters, only to find herself caught in the middle of an impending war and a spreading influence of dark magic.

Graves shares, “East of the Dark Mountains and between the rivers of Afon and Belle lies the hamlet of Tanglesni. Small and quaint, it is surrounded by oak forests that had for years guarded the hamlet from plagues and wars that ravished the countryside. But a dark magic now threatens its existence, a magic that not even the fairies have power over. It falls to a girl to stir the guardians of the land to bond. And it all begins when the girl comes home to find her mother and sisters missing. Her mother’s friends want to protect her and so hide her out, but the girl goes off on her own to find them.

“Along her journey, she is tasked with a troublesome fairy who guides her through the Dark Mountains, a place already tormented by the dark magic. A wise and benevolent witch informs her of an impending war, and a man on a white horse, the Death Grabber summoned by the banshee, threatens her very life. Meanwhile, her mother’s friends, who have also set out in search of the mother and sisters, meet a number of creatures who are determined to help, but no one knows how to do that, leaving the women intuiting what to do.

“This is the story of Piper and that troublesome fairy who may or may not have let the dark magic seep in.”

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