Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

R. Michael Payton’s Newly Released Humano-Soar

Hartford, CT, January 24, 2024 –“Humano-Soar”: an action-packed thriller that blends the unexpected with a heartwarming and encouraging message. “Humano-Soar” is the creation of published author, R. Michael Payton, a dedicated family man, retired US Navy Captain and State of Connecticut DEEP official, and pilot.

Payton shares, “Randy loves everything about flying. While flying out to Oregon to visit his uncle, his plane has an emergency and the damaged aircraft crash lands near a dinosaur research center.

“He is injured and brought with others to the center for first aid and to await transportation to a hospital. There, Randy is exposed to a unique biological substance from a stored fossil.

“As Randy recovers in the hospital, doctors discover strange and unexplainable changes in him. The changes don’t appear harmful but are birdlike, including what appear to be wings!

“When he returns home, Randy faces many challenges: from physical transformations, to dealing with school and the public. With support from his family and friends, Randy learns how to overcome his obstacles.

“As he grows, Randy also develops a strong sense of responsibility toward others. He soon meets someone special who fills him with confidence as he faces the realities of his new life. Randy turns a tragic accident with life altering changes into a force for good in Humano-Soar!”

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