Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Peoplelytics Offering an Equal Opportunity Scholarship

Newburyport, MA, January 22, 2024 — Peoplelytics has started offering a $250 scholarship to any student pursuing higher education at a United States based college, university, or trade school. There are no restrictions on citizenship, background, course of study, or the school the student is attending. There are no essay or GPA requirements either, keeping this a truly equal opportunity scholarship for anyone seeking financial aid for their education.

According to, the current interest rate as of January 19, 2024 for federal student loans for new undergraduate students is 4.99%, while private student loan interest rates can range from 4% up to 15%. This highlights a continued need for scholarships, grants, and awards to help students afford the costs of higher education today – without burdening them for years, or decades, to come. “As someone who received multiple scholarships while attending a private college, I know firsthand how scholarships can help ease financial burdens and enable an easier transition into adulthood,” says Matt Koulas, Peoplelytics’ Founder and CEO.

Peoplelytics may not be offering the biggest award or the greatest number of awards, but in a world that is increasingly divisive, they offer a scholarship which is truly an equal opportunity to anyone who is seeking financial assistance, regardless of their background or story, in a way that aligns with their company mission to improve the working environments of everyone. Interested students can apply here.

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