Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Oxford, United Kingdom, March 14, 2024 — About The Pangean Chronicles: Awakenings:
Millions of years ago in the time of Pangea, when the continents were still as one, there existed the demon world. A race known as the Sanctorians reigned over a peaceful existence until the mysterious and unsettling birth of a dark demon cast a long shadow over this peace. Following the rise of this dark lord, who became known as Satanicus, a terrible war ensued, with Sanctorians leading a resistance against this new tyranny. By the end of the catastrophic war, with Satanicus incarcerated within “The Book,” the super-continent of Pangea was shattered into its separate continents and human existence, as we know it now, came to be.

Now the human race faces a threat greater than ever before. Lord Masshawus has spent millions of years in the shadows, raising an army and now plots to unify Pangea. It is down to Michael Shaw and his allies to stop the unification of Pangea and to recover “The Book.” The future of civilisation is in the balance and there are very few who can be trusted.

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