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Bengaluru, November 20, 2023 – Learnbay, a leading professional upskilling ed-tech startup is delighted to unveil its cutting-edge Master’s Degree following a high-profile collaboration with Woolf, the world’s pioneering global collegiate institution. This innovative program offers two specialized tracks in Computer Science: Data Science and Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Additionally, a unique focus on Software Engineering will be available, setting a new standard for academic excellence in the tech domain.

Highlighted below are the core specializations offered in the Master’s Degree:

Master in CS Specializations:

Data Science and Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Master in CS: Software Engineering

This alliance is set to offer a Master’s qualification that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with those from premier institutions in the US & Europe. An emblem of academic rigor and industry relevance, the 18-month ‘Excelvarsity’ program promises a suite of distinctive advantages:

Universal Appeal: Crafted to embrace candidates from diverse technical backgrounds, ensuring broader talent development.

Global Recognition: Degrees certified by Woolf, designed to unlock international tech-career opportunities for graduates.

Hands-on Learning: Beyond theory, participants gain practical insights through a unique project experience certification.

Professional Flexibility: Live, interactive classes designed with the working individual in mind.

Career Headstart: Unparalleled 100% career assistance, offering graduates an edge in the competitive job arena.

On this momentous occasion, Mr. Krishna Kumar, CEO of Learnbay, shared, “Our collaboration with Woolf is a testament to Learnbay’s dedication to refining the future of professional upskilling. The ‘Excelvarsity’ program embodies our vision to bridge the data science and AI expertise gap, ensuring our students remain at the forefront of tech innovation.”

Founder and Head of Institution at Woolf, Dr. Joshua Broggi, added, “We are honored to partner with Learnbay on the ‘Excelvarsity’ Master’s program. This collaboration underscores our joint commitment to fostering lifelong learning opportunities. In today’s digital landscape, Data Science and AI stand as pivotal catalysts, transforming both industries and societies at large. Recognizing the imperative of these competencies, Learnbay Excelvarsity has meticulously crafted this course. Through this master’s program, we aim not merely to equip students and professionals for the future, but to empower them to actively sculpt it.”

Learnbay provides a distinctive opportunity for professionals in tech and non-tech sectors to future-proof their careers. The degree is tailored for those aiming to broaden their skills, leaders keen on refining their decision-making in an AI and data-driven era, and visionary business owners focused on ensuring their enterprises thrive in the current market landscape.

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