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KL Deemed University

KL Deemed to be University’s KLTIF – TBI and ACIC KL Startups, in partnership with the Eruvaaka Foundation, proudly hosted the anticipated Kisan Mahotsav 2023 and Annual Awards of Excellence in Agriculture-2022 on Saturday, August 19th. The event took place at the Vijayawada campus of the University, witnessing the convergence of farmers, agricultural experts, and enthusiasts.

The Kisan Mahotsav is a highly anticipated celebration within the agricultural community, serving as a significant platform for promoting sustainable farming practices, showcasing technological advancements in agriculture, and fostering the exchange of knowledge among farmers. The event featured a diverse array of activities including workshops, seminars, and live demonstrations of modern farming techniques.

The event centered around the prestigious Annual Awards of Excellence in Agriculture, which were designed to honor exceptional farmers who have demonstrated remarkable expertise, dedication, and groundbreaking innovation in their agricultural pursuits. These awards acknowledge a range of farming practices, including organic cultivation, crop diversity, water conservation, and the seamless integration of advanced agricultural technologies.

Dr. G. Pardhasaradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor at KL Deemed to be University, expressed, “We are immensely proud to have hosted the Kisan Mahotsav and the Annual Awards of Excellence in Agriculture, in collaboration with the Eruvaaka Foundation. This event stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and knowledge-sharing within the agricultural sector. The success of this initiative reaffirms the crucial role of farmers in ensuring our nation’s food security and economic growth. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants and supporters who have contributed to this remarkable journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for Indian agriculture.”

In his keynote address, Mr. Govil Alok, CEO, of KLTIF-TBI emphasized the critical role of farmers in ensuring food security and applauded their relentless efforts in the face of challenges such as climate change and fluctuating market conditions. Mr. Ramankanth Vallabhaneni, CEO, of ACIC KL Startups underscored the need for continued investment in research and development to support farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Mr. Raghava Rao Gara, Founder of, the Eruvaaka Foundation graced the gathering and shared his insights on climate-resilient farming practices to the role of modern agricultural technologies in meeting the nation’s food demands. He promised that he shall continue to strive for promoting best agriculture practices through magazines and provide Awards and recognitions at regular intervals to encourage farmers and FPO’s.

The event drew distinguished guests like Mr. GV Subba Reddy, Vice President, Coromandel International Ltd; Mr. Chiranjiv Choudhry, Principal Secretary, Govt. of AP Marketing Finance and Food processing; Mr. Rathamsetty Sitharamanjaneyulu, Chairman, GDCC; Mr. Nunna Venkateswariu, District Agriculture Officer, Guntur; Mohammed Ali, Director, Navaratna Crop Science Pvt Ltd; Mr. Kumar Swamy, Head, Bharathayia Kisan Sangh, etc. from the agricultural and governmental sectors, featuring eminent agricultural scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders who shared their insights on Agriculture.

The Kisan Mahotsav concluded with enthusiasm and dedication among attendees to further elevate India’s agricultural sector. KL Deemed to be University extends its appreciation to all participants, sponsors, partners, and supporters for their contributions to the success of the Kisan Mahotsav – Annual Awards of Excellence in Agriculture. The collective efforts of the teams, University’s senior officials, faculty members, and staff along with the convener and the students from the department of agriculture made the event a grand success.

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