Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

James Southern’s New Book The Chronicles of Jay South: Two Tales of One Birth

Anchorage, AK, February 03, 2024 — Fulton Books author James Southern has completed his first installment in the series “The Chronicles of Jay South”: a fascinating novel that follows the story of the author’s birth, as well as details of his loved one’s; revealing the hardships and victories of life.

James writes, “I suppose as with anything else you might expect in life that you’d think the details of a baby being born would not normally be something to be disputed or disagreed upon, but for some reason in my case, there are two tales of how it happened, and neither one is so outrageous or unbelievable that you wouldn’t think it could have happened. In fact, with my family, it would be more of a surprise if neither one had happened because so many odd things do happen in my family and in my life.”

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