Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

J. P. Daniels’s Newly Released The Gym Club: Bars and Beams: A Mia and Niki Story

New York, NY, February 05, 2024 — “The Gym Club: Bars and Beams: A Mia and Niki Story”: an uplifting narrative that will delight young readers both, gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike. “The Gym Club: Bars and Beams: A Mia and Niki Story” is the creation of published author, J. P. Daniels, a gymnastics coach with over thirty years of coaching experience.

Daniels shares, “Rocky Mount Gymnastics team member Niki Fowler is unexpectedly removed from the team and away from her best friend, Mia Allen, by Niki’s dad, Deputy Sheriff Nick Fowler. His reason for moving Niki to another gym is kept secret from Mia and Niki. In no time, Niki falls behind her former teammates. Discouraged, Niki is ready to give up gymnastics, forcing Mia to try to help her friend, but her good deed causes big trouble for Niki at her new gym. Fearing that Niki will quit gymnastics, Mia convinces her dad, Ric Allen, who coached Niki at RMG, to help Niki improve her gymnastics skills. When he agreed, they created the Gym Club. Rule number 1 of Gym Club is ‘You don’t talk about Gym Club.’ The secret of Gym Club is kept until a slip of the tongue by Niki, creating new problems with her father. More than anything, Niki wants to return to RMG and her friends on the team, especially Mia, but her dad stubbornly keeps her away. Something major has to happen to get him to change his mind and see that he is hurting his only child.”

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