Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

UK-based ed-tech startup Futurescool has launched an online after-school program for students ages 8 to 18 about soft skills and advancing technologies, such as AI, blockchain, metaverse, VR, etc.

Futurescool’s CEO and Founder, Tea Sankovic, has launched the online program after watching children’s evolving needs for additional education on technology and soft skills and from her own experience with four school-age children at home herself. Born in Croatia and having lived abroad for most of her life, Tea understands the importance of education in someone’s life, and her concern about children’s lack of education on those subjects led her to turn to her passion and launch the startup.

The program offers three different online courses that are regularly updated and encompass two primary domains: future tech and soft skills. Students will be learning various topics and skills, such as financial literacy, communication skills, AI, robotics, software engineering, critical thinking and problem solving, cyber security, online safety, crypto currency, ChatGPT, blockchain, Web3, and others. Its courses are interactive, age-appropriate, staged, and immersive.

They will also be able to learn and develop critical thinking, logic, problem solving, communication skills, structure, creating thinking, resiliency, confidence, grit, empathy, and more.

The courses are designed and taught by a team of experienced educators, industry experts, and tech professionals to ensure a comprehensive and practical learning experience.

The program is a revolutionary bridge between the traditional education system and the future.

Futurescool’s mission is to shape tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

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