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E.T. MacLaine’s New Book Esoterica Unveiled: A Compendium of Light

New York, NY, February 21, 2024 — Fulton Books author E.T. MacLaine, a writer, perceptual visionary, and inspirational speaker, has completed his most recent book, “Esoterica Unveiled: A Compendium of Light”: a purposeful collection of short stories, poems, and universal quotes that aim to provide a critical formula toward better understanding of the current state of mankind and the factors that influence society’s humanitarian impact.

From his childhood, author E.T. MacLaine developed a keen sense of awareness, along with an ability to dismantle the most challenging aspects of complex problems. He was always able to see and describe things in vibrant detail beyond the normal dimensions of our accepted physical realm. In university, ETM studied architecture, engineering, and philosophy. In later years, these integrated academic foundations would be supplemented and utilized throughout professional endeavors and special interests, to present-day consulting, coaching, and mentoring. A believer in continuous learning and constant growth, he would often tell his colleagues and students alike that “life in and of itself is the great teacher and equalizer, only if we are receptive along the way.”

“Let’s be honest. Most of us operate in a world of illusion,” writes MacLaine. “We make decisions not really knowing why we made them and are unaware how those decisions affect others. In short, we say we believe but are unsure exactly why we believe. We have an innate need to consciously justify our actions and are rarely satisfied with the outcomes. There is the underlying fear of not being fully accepted by others, even in our personal relationships. Because of this, our value system, moral obligations, and understanding of ‘self’ is often skewed or misinterpreted.

“What has anchored our belief system in the past is long gone. If it does still exist, it is often diminished and ineffective. To restore faith in humanity in this world of disillusion, we must make choices based on established rules and guidelines, some to our detriment. Through reevaluation and self-reflection, we can redefine our existence, functionality, our goals, and travel knowingly and with confidence on our appointed pathways.”

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