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Constance D. Johnson's Newly Released Bellicans: An Inspiring and Quintessential Novel for Today’s Time

Hemet, CA, February 05, 2024 –“Bellicans: An Inspiring and Quintessential Novel for Today’s Time!”: an intriguing blend of spiritual awakening and compelling fiction. “Bellicans: An Inspiring and Quintessential Novel for Today’s Time!” is the creation of published author, Constance D. Johnson.

Johnson shares, “Minister Constance D. Johnson, MBA author of ‘Persevere Wrench’ and ‘Forgiveness: Is It Too Late To Forgive?’ Featuring: ‘A Kindle Of A Mother’s Memoirs Of Love ~The Cent Of A Rose ~The Price Jesus Christ Paid!’ writes for your reading pleasure and enjoyment this charming, delightful, fascinating, and thrilling novel ‘Bellicans’ ~ An Inspiring and Quintessential Novel For Today’s Time!

“This is a riveting and exhilarating novel that will fascinate you and may make for a splendid glossy soap opera or film. As you move through its pages, it will enkindle a desire in you to read on. Bellicans is so intriguing; it’s like reading a good book and you can’t stop turning the pages. You will realize that you too can identify with this story because the messages housed within are revealing of some of the effects of life, we all encounter. This novel seeks to ‘underscore’ that wealth, fame, and fortune not held in perspective, has no real essence, and may be, all for naught!

“In today’s climate we have experienced an abundance of hate crimes, indifference, and occlusion. We are overwhelmed with fake news, spoken falsehoods, and many wondering where do they go from here? This novel ‘Bellicans’ endeavors to give [new] insights to take up the ‘cudgels’ of a benign existence and challenges you to delve deep down inside to ably you to address this question.

“Lady Tishrei is an eccentric young lady (born of an aristocrat family) who was the ‘Bell of the Ball.’ She was lost, and then found. However, throughout her journey of life, she met with a series of pejorative issues that inevitably changed her life. The ‘satire’ of this message is that some spend their entire life wandering from place to place and never set down roots. Some never find joy or happiness. Some never conquer their fears. Some never realize their potential to overcome their obstacles. And sadly, some never find true love.

“Bellicans seeks out to help you realize your weaknesses and change them, and your strengths and differences and embrace them. That you create a tolerance of others and believe that you can create your own success and soar into your victory and purpose in life. While you may be crestfallen, there is hope on the other side! No matter how you look on the outside of a shell, it is what is in your heart and soul that shines outwardly to others. Beauty is within—not without!

“Bellicans has esteemed and [chronicled] a blueprint for a good wholesome way to accomplish goals, if used in a positive way and not turned into a depravity. There is power there if you can harness it and keep it! Education is a bellwether of change. Being true to yourself and the issues around you are a good start to learning. Whereby, the whole trajectory of life can change. If you leave a carrot in the ground it will bloom into a beautiful flower with a sweet aroma that will eventually grow seeds, and from the seeds, more carrots will grow. You too can be like a carrot in your own life experiences—see how you can grow!

“As you careen through life and its challenges, whether you are rich and wealthy or poor and destitute—it contains no ambiguity! However, your heart and soul’s destination, is a free choice given to us all! Now that you have made it to this point in your life; right now—live well!”

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