Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

CMR Institute Launches a Powerful eBook to Help Life Sciences Sales Teams Overcome Market Access Challenges

Roanoke, VA, January 12, 2024 — CMR Institute, the go-to provider of educational solutions for the life sciences industry, is proud to release its latest eBook, “Overcoming Market Access Challenges in Life Sciences Sales.” This is a comprehensive guide designed for training leaders to address the key challenges faced by sales teams in pharmaceutical and medical device companies, providing insights and strategies to improve market access for their products in 2024.

Many factors influence market access in this dynamic healthcare market. Sales teams face provider and engagement challenges, patient access issues, and reimbursement and payer issues. Lack of knowledge about these complex issues and the business acumen to navigate them compounds market access challenges.

CMR Institute recognizes that gaining market access depends largely on the effectiveness of the sales team, which in turn depends on the effectiveness of the training and development they receive. The “Overcoming Market Access Challenges in Life Sciences Sales” eBook was created to provide actionable strategies for training leaders to empower their sales teams for success.

Key features of the eBook include:

– In-depth exploration of challenges in provider and patient access, and payer challenges.
– Strategies for improving market access through expert-guided training.
– A roadmap to customized learning pathways for each role within the commercial team.

“With healthcare providers operating under financial pressures, legislative and regulatory changes, and rampant burnout among physicians, gaining market access gets more challenging in 2024,” said Sharon Lustig, SVP of Client Solutions at CMR Institute. “Our eBook is a powerful resource for training leaders to ensure that the ineffectiveness of their sales team is not the reason their market access suffers.”

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