Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Brian Schmidt’s Newly Released A Very Long Summer’s Day

Andrews, TX, February 02, 2024 –“A Very Long Summer’s Day”: a vibrant fantasy that offers fun for all ages. “A Very Long Summer’s Day” is the creation of published author, Brian Schmidt, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who served with the United States Army and, later, during the early 2000s, was the lead writer, and meme creator, for what was then the world’s highest-rated humor blog in its category.

Schmidt shares, “While looking through a very old telescope belonging to his grandfather, Phil sees a town that isn’t there. He peers through the open door of a house and gets pulled through the telescope and deposited on the floor of its living room. He is quite surprised when Nanny, a goat, begins speaking to him.

“Phil finds himself in a land of magic. And not a very nice kind of magic. Here when a little girl wants a pony, another child loses a pony. A group of animal lovers thought it would be a great idea for animals to have the same rights as people. Their misguided idealism put Nanny in the body of a goat, and a goat in Nanny’s body.

“Many years before, when Phil’s grandfather was young, he’d visited the land. Seemingly just by being there, the land changed for the better. Nanny believes Phil could do the same and, in the process, be the key to getting her body back. Nanny decides to take Phil to the capital. A Very Long Summer’s Day is the story of their travels through a realm filled with quirky characters, magic, and wizards who have their own plans for Phil. It’s reminiscent of books, TV shows, and movies that are fun for all ages as a lot of the references and humor pass over the heads of the younger ones. It’s sure to become a family favorite.”

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