Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Authors Richard Geshel and Quinn Geshel’s New Book The Wishing Star

Clovis, CA, February 21, 2024 –Richard Geshel and Quinn Geshel, a father and daughter writing duo, have completed their new book, “The Wishing Star”: a charming story all about the stars in the night sky, centering around the creation of a very special star who receives an important gift and makes its way to Earth for its mission to grant a wish.

“The most elementary beginnings of this story came into being when traveling north in 2009 to take my family to Flagstaff for Christmas,” writes Richard. “It was after we were twenty miles north of this very tree my oldest daughter, Quinn, then five years old, out of the blue began to sing about the Wishing Star. From that spontaneity, my mind returned to the tree in the median. Combining Quinn’s song with the tree, I originally thought of the concept for this story.”

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