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Authors Frederick C. Dorando, Ph.D. and Joe Reyes’s New Book The Trident and the Pillars of Poseidon

Wayne, NJ, January 23, 2024 –Frederick C. Dorando, Ph.D. and Joe Reyes have completed their new book, “The Trident and the Pillars of Poseidon”: a gripping archaeological adventure that follows a group of scientists on a quest to find the lost civilization of Atlantis, following a hunch that this mythical city could be linked to various anomalies surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza.

“The story of how the Great Pyramid was built has traveled down to us from antiquity,” Dorando writes. “Some of the earliest stories came from historians that many of us would recognize, such as Plato and Herodotus. Their sources were either the Egyptian priests or what could be described as the local legends of the day. Throughout the centuries, the dialogues of Plato (Timaeus and Critias) have gone from the realm of accepted historical fact to one of fable and allegory.

“The primary reason for the legend falling out of favor continues to be a simple lack of physical evidence. That circumstance, however, has not deterred modern-day skeptics from looking for Atlantis in every new archaeological dig virtually everywhere on the planet. The list of considered geographical locations now numbers more than a dozen.”

Dorando continues, “…this book is an archaeological fiction that offers a hypothetical explanation for some of the unsolved anomalies found in the Great Pyramid and attributes its primary purpose to serving as a time capsule for the mythical(?) civilization of Atlantis. Also, it points to a logical location to be searched in order to locate the lost city. Or was it more like a civilization?”

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