Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Author William Bisbing’s New Book For Those Who Fought for It

Hudson, MI, January 24, 2024 — William Bisbing has completed his new book, “For Those Who Fought for It”: an impactful work that, with great sensitivity, eloquently reflects the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those young Marines who performed daunting tasks night after night under the most perilous of conditions.

Author William Bisbing writes, “In looking back on my experiences in Vietnam, I was struck by how after over forty years that in reviewing my materials that I had retained from that time such as pictures, letters, and my boot camp notebook, how fresh and vital the memories—both positive and negative that I had of those years—remained so vivid as I nostalgically returned to yesteryear. Although I still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and have helped counsel many others who have suffered similarly, I have never regretted my enlistment and the opportunity to serve my country in time of need.”

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