Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Fitchburg, MA, March 05, 2024 –Linda Vaidulas, who has worked in various positions in both education and office settings, has completed her new audiobook, “Little Mouse Has a Quest”: a charming tale that follows the adventure of a mouse whose curiosity often lands him in trouble, and learns all about the importance of acceptance and friendship through his journeys.

Most of author Linda Vaidulas’s life was spent in a small central Massachusetts town, where she worked for four summers at Camp Caravan, a summer program for handicapped children from the Boston area. While working there, Linda had a wonderful love for those wonderful children, and found the encouragement to pursue a teaching career. After working in the school system and in day care until her children were older, she then began working in various office positions. Recently, she celebrated twenty years at a local hospital, and in her spare time she enjoys reading and traveling.

Linda writes, “Little Mouse is very interested in the music, he plans to find the source of that music. Mr. Mouse tells Little Mouse not to do this. Little Mouse waits until Mr. Mouse has fallen asleep to begin his adventure. Little Mouse soon learns that he should have listened to Mr. Mouse.

“In the second chapter Little Mouse learns to play and accept others as they are without judgment. In the last chapter Little Mouse wants to find meaning to life.”

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