Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Author Frances B. Hanna’s New Book, ABC's Go Marching Along

Lake Jackson, TX, March 04, 2024 –Frances B. Hanna, a sixty-six-year-old grandmother who always wanted to write, has completed her new book, “ABC’s Go Marching Along”: a charming story that follows the adventures of a family of ants all named after the alphabet as they introduce the different bugs they know and how they work to gather food together.

Centered around a large colony of ants, “ABC’s Go Marching Along” follows the adventures of A and his twenty-five siblings as they set off around their garden and the nearby house to forage for food to help supply their family. Along the way, readers will get to meet all sorts of different insects, including a friendly spider, a large roach, and a group of dangerous fire ants that they must stay far away from.

“Ants are always busy, but these are sort of different,” writes Frances. “They are named after the ABC’s. Read the book and find out about their adventures. As always A will lead the way.”

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