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Arlene Curns’s Newly Released If This Porch Could Talk

Houghton Lake, MI, January 25, 2024 — “If This Porch Could Talk”: a vibrant celebration of the intricacies of life. “If This Porch Could Talk” is the creation of published author, Arlene Curns, who is the matriarch of a family of forty-four spanning five generations and is ninety-six years old.

Curns shares, “’If This Porch Could Talk’ was written when Arlene was ninety-five years old and takes place in the 1990s—a kinder, gentler time, a golden era that we will never know again. Arlene relied on stories recorded in journals that she has kept for many years, providing a wealth of memories to draw from.

“Her story is centered around the historical background of her beloved hometown of Flint, Michigan. It is a tapestry of real life—sincere, heartfelt, a sweet, nostalgic story.

“It was 1995 when Arlene and her husband Jack purchased a home in Mott Park, Flint, Michigan, for a summer home. They embarked on a restoration project, refreshing the home. A Victorian porch was added across the front of the home, and many conversations took place on that porch. Some stories are humorous, others are sad. It celebrates memories of her family, days that she thought were ordinary. Looking back, they seem extraordinary.

“A great deal of Flint history is recorded. Some of the stories relate to things that are only memories such as Christmas shopping in Flint’s magical downtown, dining at the Carriage Room on Smith-Bridgman’s mezzanine, and the old farmers market. Other stories describe traditions that continue to this day—the Old Newsboys Sale, Applewood and the Sloan Summer Fair. Other historical topics touched on include the brick street in the downtown area, the metal arches proclaiming Flint as the Vehicle City, Glenwood Cemetery, and the Whaley House, among others.

“The flashbacks are interesting and beautifully written. Live again a thrilling performance of the Shrine Circus through Arlene’s vivid description. You are there! Arlene has a way of painting a picture with words. You feel as though you are right beside her.

“If you enjoyed her debut book, Homemade Noodles & Cars, you’re sure to treasure this one too. Her story is uplifting and leaves you with hope in your heart.”

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