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New Delhi, October 6th 2023: The Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Prof. T G Sitharam, held a dialogue with delegates from Greece, to boost educational alliance between the two nations. The dialogue was held on October 4th, 2023, and saw discussions on various aspects of collaboration, including joint research, training, twinning, and development.

First Steps Towards Cross-Border Cohesion

AICTE Chairman Prof. T G Sitharam led the discussion with Greek Ambassador Mr. Dimitrios Ioannou, Deputy Head Of Mission at the Embassy of Greece, Alexandros Boudouris, and First Counsellor for Political and Cultural Affairs, Ms. Ismini Panagopoulou. The meeting is being seen as the first step towards fostering greater cooperation in the field of education between the nations.

Building Bridges for Educational Excellence

During the dialogue, Prof. Sitharam highlighted the importance of international collaboration and said, “Our destiny ahead can only be shaped by recognizing and addressing our challenges and opportunities through cross-border collaboration. In this era of globalization, every educational institution that builds a nation recognizes that keeping their one eye shut also does not enable them to hear everything. Thus, we have taken up the task of widening our vision and creating a landscape to exploit richer harvests.”

Ambassador Ioannou affirmed his support for this initiative and promised to recommend AICTE’s intent to the Greek Ministry of Education. Ms. Ismini Panagopoulou, the political and cultural Counsellor, pledged to connect AICTE with the relevant Greek authorities to further promote this synergy.

Learning from Each Other

Mr. Alexandros Boudouris, Deputy Head of the Greek Mission, talked about the mutual learning opportunities and said, “We all have a lot to learn from each other’s perception and realities.” He also commended the Hellenic Indian Chamber of Commerce and Economy for their efforts to create a platform entitled “EUREKA – EU Research, Education and Knowledge Alliance.”

The meeting was organized by the Hellenic Indian Chamber of Commerce and Economy, and Yogi Kochhar, the Hon. Commissioner Attaché, announced a scholarship for each educational institute that adopts the happiness program entitled “YOL” in their environment.

Paving the Way Forward

Havannsh Chawla, the General Counsel Attaché with the Hellenic Chamber, assured the commitment to create a comprehensive wireframe considering the bilateral commercial and legal frameworks.

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