Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Krea University has commenced the first round of Admissions for the 2024 intake to the 4 year BA (Honours) and BSc (Honours) programme at the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS), as well as the 5 year Integrated BBA+MBA Programme and 2 year MBA Programme at IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB).

The 4 year BA (Honours) & BSc (Honours) degrees at SIAS helps students identify the Major that best suits their career and life interests. Students can choose a Major in their second year after they complete 11 Core and Skills course requirements at Krea. The University offers Majors in thirteen disciplines, four Double Majors and sixteen Minors, all housed in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Division of Literature and Arts, and Division of Sciences respectively.

The flagship 5 year Integrated BBA+MBA Programme was launched at IFMR GSB, rooted in the belief that a leader needs to get started young, straight out of school, and be offered domain knowledge and gain an understanding of the world of business and management through their undergraduate journey. Designed strategically with flexibility, this programme allows learners the freedom after three years of BBA, to either choose to pursue the MBA programme at IFMR GSB or exit the fourth year with a PG Diploma or head for a year-long sabbatical before joining the MBA programme, again. Specialisation options include business management, entrepreneurship, managing a family business or business journalism.

The 2 year residential MBA Programme allows students to specialise in Data Science & Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Accounting & Quantitative Finance, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, Marketing Management, Operations Management and Strategic Management. All courses are taught by scholars with top degrees or by industry leaders from the corporate sector.

“At Krea,” says Professor Nirmala Rao, Vice-Chancellor, Krea University, “we recognise that a solid well-grounded liberal arts and sciences education is central to a 21st century global imagination. Led by our unique interwoven learning pedagogy, our holistic education fosters creativity, intellectual curiosity, and helps in the process of creating knowledge in subjects ranging from the arts, humanities, and social sciences to the natural and applied sciences. Krea’s mission is to attract young minds towards the best educational experience and to prepare them to be global citizens, capable of solving intricate problems through rational and critical thinking. Our students play an important role in co-creating their own learning journey, guided by some of the finest faculty members from across the world. We are excited to welcome a new batch of young learners to script their own unique chapters at Krea.”

Krea University was born with a mission to re-imagine education for the 21st century, guided by a pedagogy that transcends the interdisciplinary and is led by the unique Interwoven Learning philosophy. The University houses two schools, SIAS and IFMR GSB, preparing young students with skills and aptitude in the fields of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Management Education.

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