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Earth Series Conservation Matters-Talk

Hyderabad, 18 November 2023: WWF-India, a leading nature conservation organization, organized its third talk of the “Earth Series: Conservation Matters”, an initiative that centers around critical environmental issues and wildlife conservation. As part of the event, Dr. Y. V. Jhala, a renowned wildlife conservationist and an author, delivered his talk titled “Infusion of Science in Large Carnivore Conservation”. Dr. Jhala’s talk mainly revolved around the use and utilitarian aspects of science in wildlife conservation; and how wildlife technology is evolving. The lecture shed light upon tiger conservation with special emphasis on cheetah reintroduction in India. The lecture also realized the need for conservation of other large carnivores and endangered species.

The WWF-India Hyderabad office organized the Earth Series talk show that serves as a platform to address pressing environmental challenges, exchange innovative solutions, and foster collaboration among like-minded individuals and organizations committed to conserving the planet’s biodiversity. By bringing experts and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together, the series aims to build a powerful network of change-makers striving for a sustainable future for generations to come.

Mr. Anil Kumar Epur, Trustee, WWF-India, and Chairman, WWF-India Hyderabad Office Advisory Board, said that “The Earth Series: Conservation Matters stands as a groundbreaking initiative, uniting individuals with a common purpose. It aims to broaden the scope of knowledge and propel the environmental cause forward. Beyond showcasing ongoing conservation efforts, the series also seeks to inspire others to adopt similar practices, emphasizing the importance of transforming acquired knowledge into meaningful action.”

Mr. T Ajay Reddy, Captain, Hyderabad Golf Association has committed support to the Earth Series and mentioned that the Hyderabad Golf course is not only a heritage golf course but of the only one in the world to use grey water for maintaining the course.

Mr. Prasad Kandimalla, Cofounder and CEO, Lazuline Biotech Pvt Ltd iterated: “This is an event that showcases the remarkable and unwavering spirit of WWF-India towards nature conservation. The fact that this lecture drew a huge audience is proof that this series is as impactful in creating awareness and in driving change”.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Earth Series: Conservation Matters initiative. I am sure that everybody who attended the event had so much to take away. This series reminds us about our responsibilities for ourselves and towards nature and instills a sense of togetherness for the present and a better future”, conveyed Mr. Ajay Mishra, IAS (retd).

Mr. RM Dobiriyal, IFS, PCCF (HoEF), Govt. of Telangana expressed, “Earth Series: Conservation matters is designed to bridge the gap between wildlife and environmental experts and individuals from diverse backgrounds. It has come to become a powerful platform for expanding the horizons of participants, especially students. The series underscores the importance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity.”

“It is with immense gratitude that I convey my thanks to the WWF-India team for having been invited as the speaker for the third in line lecture of Earth Series: Conservation Matters. The emphasis of technological advancements in the field of wildlife studies and conservation create new arenas for exploration and preservation of lifeforms. I’m delighted to note the presence of so many people from various fields. This showcases the commitment and preparedness of Hyderabad citizens, towards nature and our belongingness to it. I convey my best wishes to WWF for success in all endeavors,” expressed Dr. Jhala.

The third lecture of the pioneering series, held at the Hyderabad Golf Association, witnessed an impressive gathering of individuals, distinguished scientists, committed conservationists, nature enthusiasts, government officials, bureaucrats, and students, united in their dedication to environmental and wildlife safeguarding. The event’s success reflects the growing global concern for the environment and wildlife conservation. WWF’s Earth Series has emerged as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals, and communities to act for a greener and more sustainable planet.

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