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“Empowering Kids through Art and Creativity Play Kits” is a transformative initiative that aims to foster children’s imagination and self-expression. The curated kits by some of the top brands provide a diverse range of artistic materials and activities, nurturing essential life skills while kindling a lifelong love for art and creativity in young minds.


1. Skillmatics

Skillmatics is an award-winning, global brand that develops innovative educational games and toys that enable children to learn through play. Their products are developed and designed by learning experts and game designers across the globe. With a mission to create playful learning experiences, Skillmatics creates screen-free products to encourage curiosity, self-expression, learning, skill development, and creativity. Their offerings range across innovative activities, card and board games, puzzles, art and craft kits, infant and preschool products, STEM toys, and outdoor activities. Their focus has always been on providing wholesome learning fun for children of all ages.


2. Shumee Toys

Shumee, a company dedicated to fostering young minds, offers a fascinating universe of toys created to spark creativity and curiosity. Shumee’s collection is a treasure box of limitless possibilities, ranging from vivid wooden building blocks that turn into stunning castles to eco-friendly puzzles that solve the mysteries of the world. With Shumee, you’re not simply giving a toy—you’re giving a child access to a world of discovery.

Let Shumee Toys accompany your kid on their trip with self-discovery.


3. Playshifu

Playshifu is the industry leader in developing cutting-edge, engaging educational toys for kids. Playshifu toys offer a hands-on experience that tickles interest and fosters critical thinking abilities, whether it is through their reality games or their interactive learning sets. With expertise in AR technology, game & toy design, and storytelling, PlayShifu orchestrated a magical experience through phygital smart toys for the vast early learning market.


4. Kido Enterprises

Kido Enterprises, where creative possibilities are endless! Their company is committed to using the magic of toys to inspire creativity in every kid. They range from building blocks that inspire architectural marvels to colourful art supplies that turn blank canvases into beautiful works of art. They are more than just a toy manufacturer.


5. Funskool

Funskool has been influencing young brains for years as a reputable brand in the field of children’s toys. An extensive selection of toys nurtures a passion for learning, boosts curiosity, and encourages problem-solving. Funskool may help you unleash your child’s creativity as you watch them develop into confident artists and innovative thinkers.

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