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Agreement signing ceremony Left: Yuko Baba, Vice-Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture Center: Hiroyuki Uchimura, Senior Corporate Executive Officer at transcosmos inc. Right: Ichitaro Noguchi, Mayor of Goto City

[Tokyo, Japan, September 14, 2023]

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has signed a workcation agreement with Nagasaki prefecture and Goto city in the prefecture to drive its effort in enhancing employee well-being and solving local challenges specific to the region.

Given the fact that workstyles continue to diversify in recent years, transcosmos has been studying the possibility of applying workcation programs to foster employee creativity and help them develop new knowledge by allowing them to work in an environment different from regular workplaces, as well as letting them refresh both mentally and physically, thereby further enhancing the well-being of employees. Now, to put this idea into practice, transcosmos signed a workcation agreement with Nagasaki prefecture and Goto city in the prefecture.

transcosmos first entered Nagasaki prefecture in 2015. Since then, the company has been carrying out community-oriented activities, such as obtaining the Nagasaki Athletic Stadium naming-rights. To help the prefecture solve its specific challenges, transcosmos has decided to sign a workcation agreement with Goto city, a city facing a declining population, to increase people who feel connected and involved in the city. Going forward, transcosmos will discuss a range of workcation programs with Nagasaki prefecture and Goto city, and further deepen collaboration with the local communities. transcosmos will also explore the possibility of setting up business bases in the Goto city down the road.

transcosmos received the following remarks commemorating the agreement as follows.

Kengo Oishi, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture
We are delighted with this workcation agreement between transcosmos inc., Nagasaki prefecture and Goto city. We believe this will build momentum in invigorating our remote islands community.

Since the company opened the first center in our prefecture, transcosmos inc. has been creating job opportunities for many of our citizens. We are profoundly grateful for transcosmos inc. in helping us address the challenge of seeing our young generations and female citizens leaving the prefecture.

Under the agreement we just signed, we not only aim to increase the number of visitors to our prefecture and to bring about diverse workstyles, but also to explore the possibility of setting up a business base in the city in the future through workcation programs. We expect that this will become a new best practice in attracting businesses to remote island regions.

We, Nagasaki prefecture, will work together with Goto city and other local governments and authorities concerned in assisting transcosmos inc. in executing workcation programs under the agreement and driving its business smoothly in the prefecture.

Ichitaro Noguchi, Mayor of Goto City
transcosmos inc., Nagasaki prefecture and Goto city, have just signed a workcation agreement.
Under this agreement, transcosmos inc. will carry out workcation programs and other initiatives in Goto city with the purpose of increasing people visiting the city and offering diverse workstyle options to employees.

For Goto city, a city that aims to reduce population decline and revitalize the region, achieving the purpose of this agreement greatly helps us achieve the city’s vision. And so, we have high hopes for the success of this agreement. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to transcosmos inc. for choosing Goto city for running this project. We also would like to thank Nagasaki prefecture for your huge support in making this happen.

We, Goto city will make a concerted effort with Nagasaki prefecture in assisting transcosmos inc. in running its business in Goto city, and eventually creating a new base in our city.

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