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Ms. Nischitha J R

Bangalore, 07 November 2023: Amidst the ever-accelerating pace of technological progress and the growing need for skilled professionals in the automotive industry, Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) is committed to creating a skilled workforce fostering enhanced gender diversity and inclusivity, empowering aspiring individuals from rural Karnataka thereby promoting holistic development and transforming society.

Since its inception in 2007, TTTI through its holistic and comprehensive curriculum, is focusing on imparting knowledge of advanced technologies as well as fostering overall development by transforming rural youth into world-class resources. A key factor contributing to TTTI’s success is the consistently high employment rate of its students, who have secured excellent job opportunities not only in Karnataka and other parts of India, but also overseas. Furthermore, some TTTI students have achieved remarkable feats at prestigious competitions like the India Skills and World Skills contests, bringing immense pride to the nation.

As a gender-inclusive institution, TTTI is committed to empowering women in the workforce and has effectively trained several female students through its educational programs. Today, all these talented individuals are currently working in TKM, contributing to the growth of the company, and showcasing the potential of skilled youth in India. TTTI recently announced the commencement admission of female students in its Toyota Kaushalya program for the year 2023, as well.

In its attempt to become a more inclusive organization and societal development, TKM through gender diversity started inducting the first batch of female students into its TTTI educational courses from the year 2019. Ms. Nischitha J R, an accomplished graduate of TTTI’s first batch of female students, embarked on her journey from the village of Harohalli, overcoming significant personal challenges. Her inspiring story embodies the spirit of hard work, dedication, and discipline that TTTI promotes. Nischitha faced language challenges, transitioning from Kannada to English medium, and embracing the demanding role of a Fitter. Throughout her journey, she received unwavering support from her trainers, her mother and today, Nischitha stands as a living testament to the potential of the state’s youth and women. She has achieved financial independence and takes immense pride in her ability to support her family as she recognizes the skills and opportunities acquired during her educational experience at TTTI.

Mr. G. Shankara, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, TKM & TKAP said, “As a corporate entity, our unwavering commitment to “Skill India” mission is exemplified through initiatives like TTTI. This reflects Toyota’s dedication in providing world class skilled workforce and creating highly capable and motivated students like Ms. Nischitha, who are driven by hard work, passion to learn and excel. Having trained about 1000 students since inception, it brings us immense joy to witness their successes as they embark on fulfilling careers in the manufacturing industry. We at TKM and TTTI, take pride in knowing that the contribution from our students have been driving the country’s growth, bringing accolades to our state and to the nation. We wish all our students a great future”

In its commitment to inclusivity, TTTI provides free training to economically disadvantaged students, empowering them to excel in prestigious competitions like India Skills and World Skills. Building on the program’s success and increasing demand for skilled professionals, TKM has planned to substantially increase the TTTI’s student intake, enabling it to reach more deserving individuals, equipping them with knowledge and skills for a successful career. Going forward, TTTI remains committed to its mission of providing world-class skills training and fostering the development of skilled professionals.

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