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November 23, 2023 – Enveloped in serenity, both OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN LIFE MAADHOO boast expansive wellness complexes that serve as sanctuaries of tranquility and inspiration. At the heart of these havens lies the ELE | NA Elements of Nature spa and wellness, seamlessly integrated into the all-encompassing holiday plans of both resorts.

immerse yourself in the enriching world of well-being. Join our complimentary group sessions, expertly guided by practitioners who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance your holistic journey these group sessions create a communal space where like-minded individuals can share in the collective energy of wellness, fostering connections and a sense of unity.

For those desiring a more intimate and personalized wellness experience, we offer the option to indulge in private sessions. This exclusive opportunity allows you to tailor your well-being journey according to your unique needs and preferences. Our skilled practitioners will craft a bespoke session, ensuring that every element is curated to address your specific goals, whether it be stress relief, spiritual exploration, or physical rejuvenation.


Michelle Saudan (December 5th, 2023 – January 5th, 2024):

Michelle Saudan, the founder of Dubai-Based Amanzi Wellbeing, is set to grace OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI from December 5th, 2023, to January 5th, 2024. With a passion for expanding awareness of Africa’s Unique Wellness Assets, Michelle brings a wealth of experience as a Certified Life Coach and multi-disciplinary practitioner. Drawing from her upbringing in rural Zimbabwe and 67 countries of worldly exploration, Michelle integrates modalities such as meditation, sound healing, breathwork, and Somatic practices to facilitate a powerful transformation for individuals, couples, and groups. Her approach, rooted in personal experience, aims to guide clients on a journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Paul Emery (January 13th, 2024 – February 28th, 2024):

Starting January 13th, 2024, through February 28th, 2024, Paul Emery will bring his expertise to OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI. Overcoming severe anxiety in his own life, Paul has spent 35 years exploring wellness solutions globally. The creator of ‘The Mind & Body Wellbeing Experience’ and the ‘Emer-gizes’ Holistic Exercise Experience, Paul has been recognized with the ‘AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year’ award in 2010. With a client list that includes royalty, doctors, athletes, and celebrities, Paul is dedicated to helping individuals achieve confidence, peace, and holistic well-being.


Rayan Ezzedine (December 2, 2023 – January 2, 2024):

Rayan, a Levantine Energy Healer, transitioned from international development to holistic practice. Founder of Soullighters in Beirut, she specializes in energy readings, chakra balancing, reiki, hypnotherapy, and more. With a global clientele, Rayan’s sessions aim to identify blocks and promote long-term self-healing.

Bekezela Patience Ndlovu (January 3rd, 2024 – February 3rd, 2024):

From January 3rd to February 3rd, 2024, Bekezela Patience Ndlovu, with her Zulu name meaning Patience, will grace OZEN LIFE MAADHOO. With nearly two decades of experience and internationally accredited certifications, Bekezela offers therapies rooted in African heritage. Specializing in Usui Reiki, Colour Therapy, and Wellness for Cancer, Bekezela invites guests to experience indigenous therapies that blend ancestral wisdom, bringing a sense of inner peace and wellness.

Stefano Beconcini (March 3rd, 2024 – April 3rd, 2024):

Stefano Beconcini, a physicist and expert in Biomechanics and Manual Therapies, will be at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO from March 3rd to April 3rd, 2024. With a focus on reorganizing the balance and movement of the human body to promote health, Stefano offers therapeutic bodywork aimed at reducing chronic muscle pain and enhancing overall well-being. Drawing on years of research and clinical experience, Stefano’s hands-on approach aims to help individuals stay healthy and active for a lifetime.

ELE|NA invites guests to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and well-being with these distinguished practitioners. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience their transformative services at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN LIFE MAADHOO.

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