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Anubhav Kathuria, Synergy Steels

New Delhi; 6th November 2023 – Synergy Steels Limited, a leading stainless steel company with its manufacturing facility in Alwar, has been honoured with the prestigious Rajasthan Factory Safety Award for the year 2023. This recognition was awarded under the Rajasthan Factory Safety Award Scheme, an initiative by the Factories and Boilers Inspection Department, Government of Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan Factory Safety Award Scheme aims to acknowledge and appreciate organizations that actively promote high standards and compliance with safety, health and welfare provisions under the Factories Act 1948 and rules made thereunder.

Synergy Steels Limited secured an impressive total score of 100%, showcasing the stainless steel firm’s dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of its workforce. Synergy’s active efforts in ensuring zero accidents, maintaining cleanliness, and operationalizing occupational health centres, among others, are truly reflective of the company’s efforts aimed at promoting a safe working environment.

Synergy Steels Limited constantly works towards building and maintaining a culture of safety and employee well-being. The company has invested in robust safety measures, best practices, and continuous improvement initiatives to create a secure work environment that is in adherence with the regulatory guidelines pertaining to the provisions of safety, health, and welfare.

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