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National, 23 January, 2024: Synergy Steels Limited, a leading stainless steel company with its manufacturing facility in Alwar, has been honoured with the prestigious India Green Award for Best Environment and Pollution Control Practices, 2023.

The India Green Awards is a leading event-organizing platform for environmental development, sustainability, leadership, and innovation. A highly esteemed recognition in environmental stewardship, the award serves as a platform to acknowledge organizations demonstrating exemplary commitment and innovative initiatives towards environmental sustainability. In this regard, Synergy Steels stood out, showcasing a resolve to address environmental challenges through its green initiatives.

A company with a green heart, Synergy Steels has implemented a holistic strategy to fortify sustainability across its manufacturing procedures and supply systems. The stainless-steel manufacturer has a comprehensive pollution control system designed not only to manage emissions from its manufacturing facilities but also to address fugitive emissions in workplaces. Further, the company, in recognition of the fact that LPG is a greener energy source, has transitioned to using LPG instead of LSHS, integrating it into critical processes such as Reheating Furnace, Annealing Furnace, Preheaters, and other essential functions for the past year. Additionally, in pursuit of responsible waste management, Synergy Steels has also established a Slag Processing Unit to efficiently process solid waste.

Over the years, in a bid to fulfil 50% of its energy requirements through alternative sources by 2030, Synergy Steels has shifted its focus to solar power to meet its energy needs. The company has also established alliances with solar companies to fulfil a substantial portion of its energy requirements. Additionally, Synergy Steels utilizes green hydrogen generated by renewables that is used with direct-reduced iron in its steel-making process.

Anubhav Kathuria, Synergy Steels

Mr. Anubhav Kathuria, Director of Synergy Steels, expressed gratitude for the acknowledgement, stating, “Receiving the Best Environment and Pollution Control Practices award is a testament to Synergy Steels’ underlying commitment to environmental sustainability. Acknowledging the significant carbon footprint associated with the steel sector, contributing to approximately 7% of global emissions, we are aligned with the Indian government’s target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. Synergy Steels looks forward to playing an active role in realizing this goal. As a company, we believe in leading by example, and this recognition motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of eco-friendly manufacturing practices.”

With an in-depth grasp of the planet’s environmental problems, Synergy Steels remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental sustainability – striving for continuous improvement across its manufacturing procedures and supply systems.

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