Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Lagos, Nigeria, January 29, 2024 –Have you found yourself in a difficult situation while walking or hiking in or around your local town or city to a given location and you got confused of where you are and where you are going? Or you need information about a particular street or section of town, or you plan to move to another city or a different country but you need help to gather information about that place and how to move around when you are there. This startup company, Truecherry, using the skills and knowledge of its publisher and advisor, is willing to help you accomplished these things using various technological tools such as computer/laptop; email, video app, webcam and maps, phones.

For a fee, the firm can help you personally research and source information about a particular country or city, advise and guide you about various places and environment based on the Geo-locations it is familiar with. More about these prices and geo-locations can be found on this website; or by sending a request to this email address;

Other opportunities the firm offers, is giving people the space to advertise their business or activities on its website and magazine and connecting seller and buyer of industrial goods such as farm products, vehicles, real estates, jewelry, gems, beauty products.

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