Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Oklahoma City, OK, January 31, 2024 — In a strategic move to enhance customer offerings in the field of Product Finishing & Industrial Ventilation Equipment and Extraction Rooms, Spray Tech Industrial Solutions and PBS Industries have merged to create a dynamic and comprehensive entity – Combined Finishing Company.

This merger brings together the specialized expertise of Spray Tech Industrial Solutions in cutting-edge spray coating technologies with PBS Industries’ proven track record in industrial ventilation equipment solutions and extraction rooms. The result is a singular, efficient company that offers an extensive range of solutions for diverse industrial needs.

There is a rich history of experience for both PBS Industries and Spray Tech in the finishing industry. Their combined 80+ years of experience will provide a variety of options and better service to their customers. Merging and doubling in size will greatly enhance their ability to provide great service to their customers.

Combined Finishing Company headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company will continue to provide services across the nation.

Key Benefits for Customers:
1. Expanded Service Portfolio: Combined Finishing Company will provide an unparalleled suite of services covering every aspect of Product Finishing Solutions & Industrial Ventilation Equipment and Extraction Rooms, ensuring that clients have access to a one-stop solution for their industrial requirements. Clients will benefit from access to a variety of products, as well as maintenance technicians for booth equipment.
2. Enhanced Efficiency: The merger allows for streamlined processes and optimized resource allocation, translating into quicker turnaround times and improved efficiency in project delivery.
3. Unmatched Expertise: Customers can now leverage the collective expertise of both Spray Tech Industrial Solutions and PBS Industries, benefiting from a team with a deep understanding of industrial coatings, finishing, ventilation, extraction rooms and maintenance practices.
4. Innovation and Adaptability: The joint entity is poised to stay at the forefront of industry trends, incorporating the latest technologies and best practices to offer innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

Leadership Comments:
Jeff Behymer, who is the President of Combined Finishing Company, stated, “By combining our companies, we can provide our customers with a single source for everything service and equipment related for their finishing needs. Both companies had plans to expand, making it a no-brainer for the two companies to merge and provide customers with broader service options and products.”

Cliff Smith, Vice President of Operations, added, “We’re excited about the products and service we can now offer our customer’s as we work together. By combining our resources, we can provide better service and support our customer’s finishing needs on a broader scale.”

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