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Sleep Green: Orange Mattress - Custom Bedding Introduces Eco-Friendly Custom Bedding Solutions

Clark, NJ, February 09, 2024 — With a gentle step towards a more sustainable future, Orange Mattress Custom Bedding is delighted to unveil its new line of eco-friendly custom bedding solutions. This thoughtful collection, designed with both comfort and the environment in mind, caters to the increasing preference for environmentally responsible home furnishings.

The journey towards sustainability promotes our commitment to both the planet and their valuable customers. The eco-friendly range of mattresses is our way of contributing to a more sustainable world. Their wish for you is peace of mind and deep serene sleep.

The collection includes a variety of products like mattresses, pillows, and bed linens all made from natural materials. Options such as organic cotton, natural latex, horse hair and wool fibers not only ensure comfort but also demonstrate care for the environment.

Clients have the freedom to tailor their bedding to their individual needs, from the size and firmness, allowing for a sleep experience that is both personalized and peaceful.

Their eco-friendly healthy bedding is more than just a mattress, it’s a choice for a healthier lifestyle as well as well being. It’s about resting comfortably, knowing you’re supporting your health as well as our planet.

In keeping with its environmental ethos, Orange Mattress employs sustainable practices in its manufacturing and packaging. Renewable energy powers production, and the packaging is minimalistic and recyclable, minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

This initiative is a reflection of Orange Mattress’s dedication to both innovation and environmental responsibility. The company is also engaging in various green initiatives, including tree planting drives and partnerships with environmental organizations.

Orange Mattress Custom Bedding has been a positive force in the bedding industry, as they have since 1902. Their aim is to show that health, luxury and quality can coexist with environmental mindfulness.

Health and wellness are key aspects of the eco-friendly bedding line. The use of hypoallergenic, chemical-free materials ensures a safe and serene sleep environment.

Some of the eco-friendly custom bedding range is available on the Orange Mattress website as well as the showroom.

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