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Mr Sandeep Sabarwal

New Delhi, India – November 9th 2023: Sandeep Sabharwal, a prominent name in the Indian Agri sector and the CEO of Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt. Ltd (SLCM) was invited by World Bank at the recent International Finance Corporation (IFC) Vietnam conference, to share his expertise on Warehouse Finance & Collateral Management.

At the Vietnam conference the challenges in the post-harvest agricultural sector in India came in sharp focus as Mr Sabharwal shared his extensive knowledge and insights on “Warehouse Finance & Collateral Management.” In his address, as Key speaker, he highlighted the innovative solutions developed by SLCM to address the challenges in the post-harvest agricultural sector in India.

Post establishing itself pan India, and working in Myanmar since 2014,

SLCM Group expertise in agri-logistics solutions is now acknowledged on a global stage. It is today the sole Indian agri-logistics player with an overseas presence. Today, SLCM operates a network of more than 13,000 warehouses with a cumulative capacity of over 3,500 million metric tonnes, positively impacting the livelihoods of over six crore people.

Speaking about his experience at the conference, Sandeep Sabharwal said, “Being in Vietnam and being part of their vibrant Agri ecosystem was like a Deja-vu moment for me. It took me back to my younger years when I had initially embarked on the journey of SLCM. The feeling of growth, expanse coupled with our Indian Agri experience, and our hunger for constant upward movement beckons SLCM to fresher frontiers.”

Sandeep Sabharwal is widely recognized for his remarkable contributions to the agricultural sector in India. His journey began when he noticed the inefficiencies in post-harvest management facilities, leading to significant losses in agricultural produce. In response, he founded SLCM in 2009, a company dedicated to revolutionizing post-harvest management.

SLCM, under Sandeep’s leadership, has introduced groundbreaking technologies like “Agri Reach,” an algorithm-driven engine that has reduced food grain losses from 10% to a mere 0.5%, significantly impacting the agricultural sector. Sandeep also introduced an AI-ML quality check feature, enabling users to capture and upload pictures of crops and grains for detailed reports on type and quality, without the need for physical laboratory tests.

Furthermore, Sandeep’s vision led to the creation of a pioneering listing platform that promotes transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders in the agriculture sector. SLCM has more than 1 lakh listings on this platform, with ambitious plans to increase it to over 500,000 by the end of the financial year.

SLCM’s commitment to collateral security is exemplified by “Agri Suraksha,” a remote surveillance system that reduces malpractices using solar-powered CCTVs to monitor warehouses. Additionally, the financial wing of SLCM, known as “Kissandhan,” offers a range of financial products and services, including Commodity Based Finance (CBF), providing loans against various commodities without restrictions on location, type, or quality.

SLCM has received numerous accolades for their outstanding contributions to the agriculture industry, including the FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Award and the DIGIMARCOM Leadership Award, among many others. SLCM has also initiated impactful programs to uplift communities and contribute to society, such as providing free storage of grains for farmers in warehouses and organizing Rozgar Camps for rural areas in India.

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