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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 15, 2023 – SimonMed Imaging (“SimonMed”), one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and radiology practices in the United States, recently unveiled new study data at the 2023 Radiological Society of North America’s Radiology Conference and Annual meeting. The original study evaluated the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnosis tools in reducing turnaround time for X-ray examinations and performing accurate readings. The results showed when using the AI, a patient diagnosed with a fracture received results six times faster with a decreased likelihood of missed fractures.

“The groundbreaking results of our study unequivocally demonstrate the transformative impact of AI in revolutionizing diagnostic efficiency and accuracy. By embracing cutting-edge technology, such as AI, we are not only accelerating patient care but also ensuring the highest standards of precision. SimonMed remains steadfast in its commitment to ‘Seeing Tomorrow Today,’ blending the best of human expertise with AI advancements for a future where healthcare reaches new heights of excellence,” said Dr. Sean Raj, Chief Innovation Officer at SimonMed.

The retrospective multi-center study of consecutive XR studies was sourced from SimonMed’s nationwide outpatient imaging centers and showed a significant reduction in report turnaround time for examinations with fractures. The AI turned-around reports 82% faster than readings without the automation technology.

In the performance analysis portion of the study to evaluate quality, 1,442 patients across 14 SimonMed centers were used to determine the technology has a 96.9% to 100% sensitivity range per bone.

While this data proves AI assistance will improve patient care and decrease burnout among radiologists, SimonMed will continue to have its team of the world’s top radiologists reading all reports first to ensure the most accurate results possible.

“Through the use of AI, we are not only able to help radiologists work more accurately and efficiently, we can use entirely new methods for diagnoses,” said Dr. John Simon, CEO of SimonMed.

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