Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Disctopia the podcast hosting platform for indie creators is integrating Semrush into its audio transcription services for users to implement SEO into their podcasting content. Likewise, Disctopia will join Semrush’s App Center to become a vital tool for the marketing platform’s users.

Charlotte, North Carolina, August 24, 2023 — Disctopia, a podcast hosting and music streaming service for independent creators, today announces its partnership with Semrush to expand the reach of podcast episodes with search engine optimization (SEO) via its Podcast Hosting App. This new feature enables keyword extraction from audio transcriptions directly from the Semrush platform. This allows SEO experts to align their podcast keywords directly to the keyword campaigns in Semrush therefore ranking higher in web searches.

SEO has become a seminal marketing strategy to improve online content, especially since 53% of website traffic comes from organic searches. As podcasts prove to be an effective marketing tool, this alliance bringing SEO into the mix takes the audio format to the next level for content creators and marketers.

Disctopia’s TruePlay AI automated audio transcription services allow podcasters to edit text for accuracy to improve their episodes’ accessibility. The platform’s new Semrush SEO feature can analyze podcast transcriptions and extract keywords from the text so creators can implement them in their SEO campaigns directly in Semrush.

The tool also identifies relevant keywords from the transcript, such as recurring themes or topics that are frequently mentioned in the episode. This helps creators gain insights into the content of the episode and better understand their audience’s interests. Ultimately, this new feature increases a podcast’s online discoverability and attracts more listeners.

The Podcast App will be a part of Semrush’s App Center, which showcases the best marketing tools to the SEO platform’s thousands of users. Users get direct access to all of the podcast hosting features within the App Center without leaving the Semrush interface for a smooth integrated experience.

This integration will allow both experienced and new podcast hosts to make their content more visible, broaden their audience, and increase their chances of success.

“Including Semrush’s powerful tool in our podcast transcription feature adds another layer to the podcast hosting experience. Creators won’t need to hop from one platform to the other to enhance their SEO since they’ll find everything they need to thrive in one seamless place,” said Patrick Hill, founder and CEO of Disctopia. “This intgration furthers our mission to equip independent podcasters with the necessary tools to grow their listenership The Podcast Hosting app by Disctopia is a great addition to Semrush’s platform,”

“Semrush users can achieve their marketing goals within the podcasting space and optimize their content for maximum impact as the tool allows podcast hosting, transcription, content marketing and SEO all-in-one.”

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