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India, 19th December, 2023: Saket Dandotia and Alok Patil, have announced their exit from Videoverse to launch a new Generative AI startup – Onetab. Onetab is poised to offer competitive services in the space of AI-based SAAS solutions. Onetab will provide seamless communication and collaboration with its proprietary custom LLM model, designed to revolutionize the way teams interact and work together. This feature of the start-up sets it apart from the current competition in the market.

The serial entrepreneurs have partnered with Sonal Dandotia for Onetab. Sonal has been closely associated with Saket and Alok in their prior entrepreneurial ventures and brings her expertise of operations and financials to Onetab.

According to Saket Dandotia, Founder, “With Onetab we aim to streamline the communication and collaboration process by consolidating all necessary tools into a single tab. This means that developers can focus on their tasks without the hassle of switching between multiple tabs to coordinate with team members. From API testing to Dev Ops, task management, development, and communication, Onetab promises to provide a one-stop solution, ultimately boosting productivity, minimizing errors, and reducing costs. By eliminating the need for multiple tool subscriptions throughout the development lifecycle, Onetab is set to disrupt the communication and collaboration space.”

“Onetab has a unique feature, Onetab Insight (data science and analytics), which empowers users to interact with their databases using natural language and receive reports in a visually appealing format, all powered by the company’s proprietary LLM models. With a strong focus on channel partners and a robust go-to-market strategy, the company aims to generate $200 million in revenue over the next three years”, Dandotia further added.

With its innovative approach and ambitious targets, Onetab is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of communication and collaboration tools. As businesses increasingly seek efficient and integrated solutions, Onetab’s arrival could mark a significant shift in how teams work together, promising a more streamlined and effective communication and collaboration experience.

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