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Royaloak Furniture

Bengaluru, 7th November 2023: Royaloak Furniture, India’s leading furniture brand, has launched a captivating ad campaign that has unquestionably resonated with the masses. Entitled #FeelNahiAarahaHain, the ad film emphasizes Royaloak Furniture’s regal furnishings consisting of their sofa to enhance this year’s festive atmosphere in one’s home. The ad campaign masterfully captures the idea of upgrading one’s furniture during this festive season, with a focus on #getthefeelwithroyaloak. In its simplest form, the ad conveys that having the right furniture is essential for elevating the festive spirit and celebration. This well-timed campaign coincides with the brand’s ongoing festive season sale, offering a great festive sale with up to 70% off.

As the festive season approaches, it offers us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate not only joy and togetherness but also to upgrade one’s space. This heartfelt ad campaign, crafted with love, beautifully communicates the significance of festivals, family, and health, all in one harmonious message. Furthermore, in celebration of the festive season in India, Royaloak Furniture has rolled out its latest furniture and home decor collections, featuring popular items like recliners, 3-seater sofas, and dining sets, all at incredibly competitive prices as part of their Great Festive Sale, available at all stores across the nation as well as their e-commerce portal

Speaking on this new ad campaign, Mr. Vijai Subramanian, Founder and Chairman, Royaloak Furniture says, “At Royaloak Furniture, our commitment is to provide the very best to our valued customers. This strategically timed campaign during our festive sale complements our festive offerings and reinforces our dedication to enriching the lives of our customers. Our objective is to create lasting, cherished memories through our exquisite furniture and decor, particularly during festive occasions, thereby offering a holistic experience. As we continue to build upon the remarkable success of our affordable luxury furniture, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey that lies ahead.”

Royaloak Furniture’s #FeelNahiAarahaHain campaign has struck a chord with the masses, inspiring individuals to upgrade their furniture and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for this festive season. With unbeatable discounts and a wide selection of top-quality furniture, Royaloak Furniture is the perfect partner to help you make this festive season truly unforgettable.

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