Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Delhi: Kärcher, a global leader in cleaning and value preservation solutions has unveiled its purpose statement to encapsulate the company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collective impact. The statement, “Renew to sustain. Together we make a powerful impact towards a clean world,” reflects Kärcher’s core values and vision for a better future.



Kärcher is dedicated to continuous renewal, ensuring that its procedures, strategies, and cleaning solutions always evolve to meet the highest standards. The company’s innovative mindset drives the quest for creative improvements, sustaining value while fostering new ideas and growth.


Kärcher contributes significantly to preserving nature and cultural diversity, emphasizing responsible resource usage and sustainable business practices. The company is committed to being a sustainable family business for generations to come.


Kärcher embraces a culture of solidarity, inclusion, and collaboration. By working closely together in diverse teams, the company amplifies its impact, fostering stronger relationships with customers and partners.


Kärcher is characterized by its “maker” spirit, putting ideas into practice, creating an excellent working environment, and developing innovative products that make a difference.


As a confident global market leader, Kärcher empowers customers with powerful cleaning solutions and remains committed to setting new standards in the industry.


Kärcher’s impact extends beyond efficient solutions, encompassing social commitment and environmental responsibility. The company selects suppliers based on ecological, social, and ethical criteria, making a difference through its behaviour and cultural diversity.


Kärcher is resolutely moving towards a clean world by being customer-centric and a world leader in cleaning and value preservation solutions.


Cleaning is at the heart of Kärcher’s business, promoting health, safety, value preservation, and ethical behaviour.


Kärcher’s world includes the entire planet, and the company is committed to making every part of it cleaner, more welcoming, and comfortable for all.

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