Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Mr. Pankaj Kalra

“RBI’s Monetary Policy decision reaffirms our resolute commitment to guide India’s economic trajectory. Keeping the key policy repo rate steady at 6.5% underscores our dedication to stability. Despite global uncertainties, fluctuating commodity prices, and geopolitical challenges, we persist in our efforts to ensure economic resilience. Although there are concerns due to the volatility and rise in crude oil prices which are causing inflationary pressures, we do not expect this to impact India’s macroeconomic fundamentals much. While the global economy slows down due to tight financial conditions, projecting a 6.5% GDP expansion in FY24 and anticipating around 5.4% inflation, India stands firm as a pillar of stability and fortitude in the global arena”. – Mr. Pankaj Kalra, CEO, EOGEPL

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