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~Five Queensland companies helmed by Redland City Council and facilitated by Trade and Investment Queensland visited India to explore investment opportunities at Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet and Vibrant Gujarat~

India, 11th January 2024 – A delegation consisting of five prominent Queensland companies spanning diverse industries, including Security and Logistics, Food and Agriculture, Trade Practices, and Consumer Goods successfully concluded their visit to India.

The delegation participated in Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet and Vibrant Gujarat to foster collaborations between Redlands Coast businesses, Indian investors, and Redland City Council, with the goal of boosting trade, creating jobs, and establishing Redlands Coast as a premier investment destination.

The conclave featured significant participants, including experts in cybersecurity specializing in social engineering, as well as sectors like logistics, freight, and consumables. These, along with other sectors, led engagements that resulted in fruitful outcomes, solidifying robust, long-term partnerships with Indian businesses.

Led by Mr. Chris Isles, General Manager of Redland City Council, this strategic mission aimed to capitalize on the potential of the India-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the recently launched 2023-2027 India-Queensland Strategy which puts forward a clear plan of action on the way forward for both the regions.

Reflecting on the visit, Mr. Chris Isles, General Manager of Redland City Council, expressed, “Our recent visit to India marks a pivotal moment in forging closer economic ties between Redlands Coast and the esteemed Indian business community. The focus on shared strengths and long-term objectives laid the foundation for this endeavour, ensuring a future where businesses on both sides of the globe can thrive side-by-side. We are confident that this visit has served as a catalyst for continued economic growth and innovation, fostering a partnership that promises to be mutually beneficial for years to come.”

Redland City Council, known for its comprehensive services, plays a pivotal role in facilitating crucial partnerships. Leveraging its expertise in government tenders, business support, education, etc, the Council is a catalyst in bringing together major business projects for Queensland. One such project, is the establishment of Redland’s Research Facility that has enabled Queensland University of Technology to seize the next wave of prosperity in Green Hydrogen. Hydrogen produced in Redland has been exported to other countries, and this has marked a significant step forward for Queensland’s contribution to hydrogen industry globally.

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) played a vital role in facilitating the successful collaboration between the Queensland companies and Indian counterparts during the delegation’s visit. This marks the fourth key delegation visit from Queensland in the last two years, following visits by Mr. Cameron Dick, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, and Minister for Trade and Investment, Mr. Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Tourism, Innovation, and Sport and Ms. Grace Grace, Minister for Education, Industrial Relations and Racing. These ministerial visits underscore the strategic importance of India for Queensland.

Mr. Abhinav Bhatia- Senior Trade and Investment Commisioner, South Asia and Trade and Investment Queensland

Mr. Abhinav Bhatia – Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner – South Asia at Trade and Investment Queensland shared his thoughts on the recent Redland City Council’s delegation visit, “This initiative served as a great opportunity for Queensland businesses to highlight their strengths and explore possible partnerships in the markets of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. The anticipation surrounding the possibilities that this collaboration could bring to both regions is a chance for us to connect, share ideas, and create opportunities that benefit not just for Queensland but also contribute to the dynamic growth of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Queensland as a whole.”

This collaborative effort, generously supported by Trade and Investment Queensland, has not only enhanced economic ties but has also strategically positioned Redlands Coast as a key investment destination on the global stage. The event marks a significant milestone in fostering international relationships, contributing to the region’s growth and prominence in the business landscape.

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