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Puratos Sanskaar Foundation celebrates 8th Batch graduation ceremony.

The Puratos Sanskaar Foundation, established in 2013 with a vision to uplift underprivileged youngsters through education in Bakery, Patisserie & Chocolate, is celebrating a significant milestone – a decade of transformative impact. In 2014, the Foundation opened its doors to the first batch of students at the Shiravane Vidyalaya and Junior College in India, embarking on a journey to provide practical instruction alongside standard subjects like English Speaking, Personality Development, and Communication Skills. Today, the Foundation commemorates ten years of commitment to the betterment of the lives of young individuals.

“We are immensely proud of the journey that the Puratos Sanskaar Foundation has undertaken over the past decade. Our vision and mission have always been focused on taking the new generation to another level by equipping them with essential skills and knowledge,” said Pooja Dharod, School Administrator, Puratos Sanskaar Foundation. “The Foundation’s unique approach to combining bakery education with holistic development has truly set it apart.”

“I am delighted to witness the remarkable journey of the Puratos Sanskaar Foundation as it celebrates a decade of empowering young minds. The impact of this initiative has been truly transformative, not only for the students but also for our community. The Bakery School at Shiravane Vidyalaya has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of underprivileged youngsters by imparting essential skills and knowledge. We, at Shiravane Vidyalaya, are honored to be a part of this incredible journey, and we look forward to many more years of success and positive impact,” said Mr. Rajesh Patil, President, Shirvane Vidyalaya & Junior college, Navi Mumbai.

The Bakery School India, a key initiative of the Foundation, offers a two-year part-time certificate course in Bakery, Patisserie & Chocolate. In its inaugural year, the school enrolled 18 students in 2014, and by 2016, 16 students had graduated, successfully securing placements within the industry.Mr. Ashish Seth, Managing Director India and Area Director South Asia, Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd, commented, “The impact of the Bakery School India goes beyond the curriculum. It provides students with hands-on training, exposure to a wide range of bakery and pastry products, and the opportunity to interact with industry experts. This approach not only nurtures their skills but also instills a sense of confidence and purpose in these young individuals.”

The students at Bakery School India also receive a month of industrial training to understand industry expectations, with stipends in line with industry standards. Regular visits to the Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd manufacturing unit and guest lectures from industry experts further enrich their learning experience.

The Foundation places significant emphasis on celebrating cultural diversity and major festivals, encouraging students to prepare different products that reflect these occasions. Admissions are highly selective, with interviews conducted to gauge students’ interests, and upon selection, each student is equipped with Chef Coats, Aprons, and Tool Kits essential for practical classes.

The culmination of the academic year sees students being felicitated with certificates and presented with Baking Kits, including items such as OTG Ovens, Electric Hand Beaters, Chocolate Moulds, Cake Tins, and Nozzle Sets, allowing them to continue practicing and even take orders from home.

To date, eight successful batches have graduated from the program, with the ninth and tenth batches currently enhancing their skills and preparing for industry entry. Over 125 students have completed their training, with many of them gainfully employed in the industry or running their home-based businesses.

What began as a transformative endeavor in India has expanded to other parts of the world, with schools launched in Brazil, Mexico, Romania, the USA, Philippines, and Africa. The Puratos Bakery School Foundation aspires to see 1,000 students graduating worldwide each year, symbolizing its unwaveringcommitment to empowering the youth and building a brighter future.

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